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Monster Cup 2019 results

Complete results for the Monster Cup on February 19, 2019 at Sam Boyd Stadium – Las Vegas

Monster Cup 2019 results

Monster Cup 2019 results from the annual Supercross event in Las Vegas with a Million in prize money up for grabs for the rider that can come home first in every moto.

Cup Class Results

Main Event 1 – Monster Cup 2019

1Eli Tomac10 Laps
2Adam Cianciarulo+02.068
3Malcolm Stewart+03.108
4Vince Friese+06.621
5Justin Barcia+08.923
6Jeremy Martin+11.072
7Tim Gajser+11.873
8Chad Reed+19.893
9Benny Bloss+22.096
10Kyle Chisolm+25.088
11Tyler Bowers+26.803
12Alex Ray+28.081
13Jerry Robin+30.939
14Justin Starling+32.514
15Ryan Breece+36.146
16Adam Enticknap+37.505
17Robbie Wageman+39.892
18Tevin Tapia+55.393
19Mike Alessi9 Laps
20Austin Politelli+13.586
21Scott Champion7 Laps
22Aaron Plessinger+00.000

Main Event 2 – Monster Cup 2019

1Malcolm Stewart10 Laps
2Adam Cianciarulo+02.321
3Eli Tomac+06.440
4Tim Gajser+11.220
5Vince Friese+12.315
6Jeremy Martin+12.788
7Benny Bloss+14.007
8Justin Barcia+16.010
9Tyler Bowers+20.049
10Justin Starling+24.467
11Kyle Chisolm+26.029
12Chad Reed+26.365
13Austin Politelli+32.744
14Alex Ray+33.828
15Adam Enticknap+35.255
16Ryan Breece+35.474
17Aaron Plessinger+37.160
18Robbie Wageman+44.116
19Mike Alessi+47.260
20Tevin Tapia+54.438
21Scott Champion+55.675
22Jerry RobinDNF

Main Event 3 – Monster Cup 2019

1Adam Cianciarulo10 Laps
2Eli Tomac+00.867
3Malcolm Stewart+12.314
4Tim Gajser+14.489
5Vince Friese+19.593
6Justin Barcia+22.397
7Benny Bloss+23.590
8Aaron Plessinger+30.262
9Justin Starling+33.581
10Chad Reed+35.431
11Tyler Bowers+36.764
12Kyle Chisolm+37.211
13Alex Ray+37.953
14Jeremy Martin+39.254
15Adam Enticknap+42.008
16Austin Politelli+44.066
17Mike Alessi+48.635
18Ryan Breece+52.214
19Robbie Wageman+53.320
20Scott Champion+56.304
21Tevin Tapia9 Laps
22Jerry RobinDNS

Overall – Monster Cup 2019

1Adam Cianciarulo2215
2Eli Tomac1326
3Malcolm Stewart3137
4Vince Friese45514
5Tim Gajser74415
6Justin Barcia58619
7Benny Bloss97723
8Jeremy Martin661426
9Chad Reed8121030
10Tyler Bowers1191131
11Justin Starling1410933
12Kyle Chisolm10111233
13Alex Ray12141339
14Adam Enticknap16151546
15Aaron Plessinger2217847
16Austin Politelli20131649
17Ryan Breece15161849
18Robbie Wageman17181954
19Mike Alessi19191755
20Jerry Robin13222257
21Tevin Tapia18202159
22Scott Champion21212062

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