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Ken Roczen San Diego Supercross crash

Ken Roczen San Diego Supercross crash

Ken Roczen came together with Cooper Webb at San Diego Supercross; Roczen’s Honda flipped and his right arm got caught in Webb’s rear wheel.

Team Honda HRC has now given a statement on his injuries – read about the Ken Roczen injury details here. Watch the Ken Roczen San Deigo Supercross crash video below.

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    I’ve been a Roczen fan since he first arrived on the American supercross scene. But this move was knuckleheaded by any standards. For whatever reason, whether it be the rumored girl between Webb and Roczen, Kenny completely lost his cool and lost his mind in the moment. This was not an accident. Viewing the best video available frame by frame, Kenny lifted his right foot (to kick), and his sight (head down) was fixed on the side of Webb, not on the track ahead. Roczen briefly lost rear wheel traction before hooking up again and things quickly went awry from his plan of attack, prompting the Hail-Mary dumped clutch and ‘whiskey throttle’ move. And Roczen was too emotionally dumbed in the moment to think “whatever could go wrong with this?” My question is this: where is the $5000, 10,000, $15,000 fine and suspension for Roczen??? This cannot be tolerated in supercross/motocross at any level!!!


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