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WMX results Agueda – MXGP of Portugal 2018

Duncan MXGP of Portugal 2018

Duncan MXGP of Portugal 2018

WMX results from Portugal Grand Prix at the Agueda circuit. Full race results, overall results and 2018 FIM Women’s Motocross World Championship points.

WMX Race 1 - Agueda Portugal 2018

1151Duncan, Courtney25:58.3
285Van De Ven, Nancy26:12.3
3423Papenmeier, Larissa26:19.3
4274Verstappen, Amandine26:45.6
544Kane, Natalie26:58.7
6110Laier, Stephanie27:00.2
78Fontanesi, Kiara27:43.0
8111Borchers, Anne27:45.9
9325Andersen, Sara27:51.2
109Germond, Virginie27:55.8
11188van der Vlist, Shana27:57.4
12172Valk, Lynn27:58.9
1384Milesevic, Emma28:07.0
1452Charroux, Justine28:12.9
15290Denis, Mathilde28:33.5
1614Martinez, Mathilde26:06.3
17131Dam, Line26:07.6
1855Irmgartz, Kim26:09.2
19193Braam, Kimberley26:11.8
2036Berry, Avrie26:15.3
21974Lehmann, Janina26:15.8
22612Selebo, Mathea26:18.4
23364Goncalves, Joana26:25.4
24555Dahl, Emelie26:30.1
2525Fisher, Stacey26:36.7
26699Kapsamer , Elena27:22.1
27346Coloret, Sara28:23.1
2899Haudoire, Manon28:25.1
29203Viaud, Camille28:37.7
30138Booth, Kathryn26:57.6
31268Santos, Ana28:45.6
32108Mena, Miriam28:55.2
33242Leite, Filipa28:23.6
34303Alves, Ana26:08.4

WMX Race 2 - Agueda Portugal 2018

1151Duncan, Courtney27:23.2
2423Papenmeier, Larissa27:31.9
38Fontanesi, Kiara28:02.6
485Van De Ven, Nancy28:09.6
5188van der Vlist, Shana28:38.6
6111Borchers, Anne29:21.9
7110Laier, Stephanie29:33.7
8274Verstappen, Amandine30:01.8
99Germond, Virginie28:41.9
10193Braam, Kimberley28:45.8
1144Kane, Natalie28:58.8
1214Martinez, Mathilde29:17.9
13364Goncalves, Joana29:58.8
14612Selebo, Mathea30:23.0
15172Valk, Lynn27:27.2
1636Berry, Avrie27:53.6
1725Fisher, Stacey28:36.4
1852Charroux, Justine28:43.8
19325Andersen, Sara29:07.4
2055Irmgartz, Kim29:35.6
21699Kapsamer , Elena30:13.5
2299Haudoire, Manon31:04.0
23555Dahl, Emelie21:37.4
24131Dam, Line27:35.2
25203Viaud, Camille29:02.7
26108Mena, Miriam29:41.5
27974Lehmann, Janina27:47.0
2884Milesevic, Emma15:10.5
29346Coloret, Sara16:08.5
30303Alves, Ana30:26.6
31290Denis, Mathilde05:06.4
32138Booth, Kathryn02:35.3
33268Santos, Ana03:21.9
34242Leite, Filipa00:00.0

WMX Overall - Agueda Portugal 2018

1151Duncan, Courtney252550
2423Papenmeier, Larissa202242
385Van De Ven, Nancy221840
48Fontanesi, Kiara142034
5274Verstappen, Amandine181331
6110Laier, Stephanie151429
7111Borchers, Anne131528
8188van der Vlist, Shana101626
944Kane, Natalie161026
109Germond, Virginie111223
11172Valk, Lynn9615
1214Martinez, Mathilde5914
13325Andersen, Sara12214
14193Braam, Kimberley21113
1552Charroux, Justine7310
16364Goncalves, Joana088
1784Milesevic, Emma808
18612Selebo, Mathea077
1936Berry, Avrie156
20290Denis, Mathilde606
2125Fisher, Stacey044
2255Irmgartz, Kim314
23131Dam, Line404
24699Kapsamer , Elena000
2599Haudoire, Manon000
26555Dahl, Emelie000
27203Viaud, Camille000
28108Mena, Miriam000
29974Lehmann, Janina000
30346Coloret, Sara000
31303Alves, Ana000
32138Booth, Kathryn000
33268Santos, Ana000
34242Leite, Filipa000

WMX Championship Points - Agueda Portugal 2018

1151Duncan, C.90
2423Papenmeier, L.87
385Van De Ven, N.80
48Fontanesi, K.74
5274Verstappen, A.67
6110Laier, S.58
744Kane, Natalie53
89Germond, V.45
9111Borchers, Anne44
10325Andersen, Sara36
11188van der Vlist, S.35
12555Dahl, Emelie23
13116Nocera, F.22
1452Charroux, J.22
15172Valk, Lynn19
1614Martinez, M.19
17131Dam, Line17
1884Milesevic, E.16
19612Selebo, Mathea16
20193Braam, K.14
21290Denis, M.10
2255Irmgartz, Kim10
23364Goncalves, J.8
2493Parrini, F.6
2536Berry, Avrie6
2625Fisher, Stacey4
2731Montini, G.3

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