Acerbis Nationals MX Series kicks off at FatCat – report & results

Jane Danniels - Acerbis Nationals MX 2019

Jane Daniels - Acerbis Nationals MX 2019

It was Ben Stanley who dominated the Junior Open class taking home a maximum points haul and leaving the rest to fight over the remaining positions.

Ollie Rutter looked like he was going to take the runner-up spot but a race-four 31st dropped him down to fourth overall. Aiden Carney was the man to benefit from Rutter’s mishap and bagged himself the second place on the podium with just three points to spare ahead of third-placed Richard Evans.

In the Ladies category first blood went to former series champ Nadiya Jones but a couple of disappointing finishes in the second and third outings cost her a higher placing overall as she took a pair of third place finishes on Sunday to jump up to fifth overall.

It was enduro specialist Jane Daniels who took full advantage and after a first race second she then went on to take the rest of the moto wins for the weekend giving her the top spot.

Charlotte Hall took her Honda to a 3-2-3-2-2 scorecard to claim the runner-up position and give herself a solid start to the season and Chloe Richards stood alongside her rivals on the third step of the box.

Was there any surprise about the Over 40 Vets class winner? Brian Wheeler showed that a change of machine over the winter onto the CPS Husqvarna won’t change the result and he got his season off to the best possible start, taking five wins and a 22-point lead going into Hawkstone Park.

The race was behind Wheeler as championship regular Danny Blakeley had his work cut out with newcomers Adam Wilkinson and Danny Tollett joining the party. The trio shared the second, third and fourth places between themselves over the course of the weekend with Wilkinson second overall from Tollett and Blakeley.

It was a totally different story in the Over 50 Vets as it was about who could be most consistent on the rough, sandy circuit with four different race winners.

The only rider to claim two wins over the two days was Andy Watkins who could only manage fourth overall after running 7-6 on Saturday and leaving himself 13 points short.

Chris Brown and Morton Hannah tied overall and both left FatCat with 186 points but Brown was the man on the top step. Nev King also claimed a win and ended the weekend third overall.

In the 125 Two-stroke class 2015 champion Jimmy Margetson faced defending champion Dylan Spencer. Margetson took the first honours with Spencer second but the roles were reversed in race two before Margetson ended the day with his second win while Spencer could only manage fourth. A win and a second on Sunday earned Margetson the overall from Spencer with last race winner Nathan Claughan standing on the third step of the rostrum.

The podium was shaken up on day two below the leading pair as Harry Barker looked set for a solid overall until a fourth race mishap and DNS in the final race dropped him further down the order.

In the 250cc Two-stroke class it was a battle royale at the front between Denny Rapson and James Lassu. Even though the result showed a maximum points haul for Rapson he had to work for each of his wins and came through the pack after a couple of bad starts to catch Lassu which was brilliant to watch. Lassu fought hard but the rough conditions played their part and Rapson was able to pull away to five wins.

Lassu took a solid runner-up overall position and Adam Harris claimed the final step of the podium. Sunday saw EMX 2t rider Oli Benton make an appearance which spiced things up a bit more at the front and he took a third and second but didn’t score points towards the overall.

In MX2 British championship rider and former BYMX champion Howard Wainwright made an appearance and put on a good show for the crowd although he wasn’t eligible for points which left Jack Rowland with four wins and a second for the overall.

Reigning two-time champion Scott Hamilton had a disastrous moto two which pushed him down to fourth overall and Sammy Beresford had a nightmare race four leaving the door wide open for Troy Jones to take the runner-up spot on the podium tied with Jordan Martin. Hamilton was four points behind in fourth and Beresford a further four back in fifth.

It looked like the MX1 class was going to be dominated by Adam Wells after he claimed a pair of wins on Saturday but in the first race on Sunday a big crash left him unfortunately out for the remainder of the weekend.

Defending champ Ed Briscoe, after a solid 5-2 on Saturday, dominated day two with three wins and took the overall from Lewis Trickett who crashed in race two but claimed four second-places for second overall. Andy Wilson had a solid start to the year claiming third with Jamie Dixon in fourth and Cory Nemeth rounding out the top five.

2019 Acerbis Nationals FatCat Results

MX1 Overall FatCat - 2019 Acerbis Nationals MX Series

1Edward Brisco3238404040190
2Lewis Trickett3830383838182
3Andy Wilson2534343636165
4Jamie Dixon3036323032160
5Cory Nemeth2827363228151
6Lewis Meadows3625292829147
7Matt Moffat2632-3434126
8Ben Coleman342830277126
9Luke Bulman2726-2930112
10Curtis Dixon1824232620111
11Pete Hamlett1723192524108
12Jay Lewis2017222226107
13Luke Robinson**2320132423103
14Reagen Skinner2410282021103
15Michael Smith1619272317102
16Chris Blacklock151125182796
17Joe Walklett211321192296
18Ben Margetson**22222621-91
19Ben Walsh19212081987
20Adam Wells4040---80
21Miles Dolpin91514151871
22Alan Smith1412442568
23Grant Fraser41615171668
24Harry Bradley2929---58
25Thomas O'Connor6618131356
26Tom Limpton11911141156
27Dean Rogers**514791550
28Gary Marmion788111448
29Owen Hillman-125121241
30Brodie Rogers102216636
31Ashley Senior1218---30
32Callum Burcher13-17--30
33Mark Sutherland14610829
34George Smith8516--29
35Tom Card37126-28
36Sean Kelly-3105927
37Kierron Genge--971026
38Carl Howes--33-6
39Adrian Whitcombe--42-6
40Josh James2----2

MX2 Overall FatCat - 2019 Acerbis Nationals MX Series

1Jack Rowland**4040403840198
2Troy Jones3427273634158
3Jordan Martin2236343432158
4Scott Hamilton38-384038154
5Sammy Beresford363836436150
6Ashley Beniston3030302829147
7Adam Pierce2628323030146
8Seb Berthiaume2934183226139
9Jason Moore2829192927132
10Jonty Crudace3222242424126
11Michael Ogden2432262215119
12Albert Martindale2526252517118
13Chad Prosser1925132628111
14Ben Wainwright2718281318104
15Lucas Bruce211915232098
16Ryan Manley182110212393
17Alex Buchannon23523172290
18Charile Wood141720201990
19Andy Lawton9242919-81
20Dee Jay Walker--22272574
21Steven Sobey17152182173
22Olly Jones16201716-69
23Arran Murphy111414151468
24Claton Hogg2089141667
25Jack May132321--57
26Jude Hartwell12135111152
27George Boyce1016128-46
28Ros Fegan396121343
29Jack Henry6101131040
30Louis Blurton412171236
31James Wilkinson15114--30
32Jordan Toland7416--27
33Stuart Parker2736826
34Will Morris16-5921
35Brad Matthews-289-19
36George Pool5-7--12
37Luke Poss---10-10
38Luke Woodhouse8----8
39Max May-3---3

250 Two-stroke Overall FatCat - 2019 Acerbis Nationals MX Series

1Denny Rapson4040404040200
2James Lassu3838383836188
3Adam Harris3636363432174
4Morgan Robertson**2934293630158
5Craig Maddock3428342929154
6Brad Wheeler3029302834151
7Josh Turner2626283028138
8Ryan Butler2832321125128
9Matt Gill2422232726122
10Cody Ling2727272613120
11Jason Martin2223262424119
12Harry Wichman2125252123115
13Ash Harland3221242510112
14Kane Rumble2524-3227108
15Richard Pratt1819212322103
16Jamie Cox192020202099
17Alan Morton161819171989
18Paul Benham141518151880
19Toby Bailey31422182178
20Jordan Leseski101717161777
21Matt Raper91015121460
22Chris Nuttall2016-22-58
23Matt Williamson2330---53
24Lewis Astill1141214950
25Zander Martin671091244
26Stuart Borthwick151316--44
27Jack Partington1212--1539
28Luke Scott7811-1137
29Danny Stayte17--19-36
30Jack Gatland8-1410-32
31Adam Hughes---131629
32Josh Senter5698-28
33Fraser Gardiner-1113--24
34Lewis Kay139---22
35Martin Shaw458--17
36Danny Sheppaed2----2

125 Two-stroke Overall FatCat - 2019 Acerbis Nationals MX Series

1Jimmy Margetson4038404038196
2Dylan Spencer3840343836186
3Nathan C3626363640174
4James Hanscomb2932323234159
5Owen Woodhouse3034283430156
6Richard Collins3230303029151
7Stu Owen2728262932142
8Alex Needham2229292128129
9Alan Pearce2827232422124
10Harry Barker**34363814-122
11Jamie Needham2120272327118
12Jack Parker2425132626114
13Gregor Campbell2524241324110
14Lewis Glynn**2621172814106
15Luke Turner1916192521100
16Harvey Cashmore**151721182596
17Taylor Baston62225221792
18Bob Jack91922202090
19Domonic Newbury1623-192381
20Charlie Griffiths2318927-77
21Aaron Nichols121515171170
22James Bates**111310151867
23Hayden Stevens10101871661
24Lewis Davison882051960
25Taylor Duke**14111611-52
26Tim Gardham17121210-51
27Tom Miller20--161349
28Oliver Barnes461491548
29Lewis Petfield137118-39
30Matt Rowlands75861238
31Ben Hunter1814---32
32Steve Gardham39-12-24
33Domini Cochrane54---9
35Dean Hakes**1----1

Junior Open Overall FatCat - 2019 Acerbis Nationals MX Series

1Ben Stanly4040404040200
2Aiden Carney3234303036162
3Richard Evans2636363427159
4Ollie Rutter383838534153
5Sam Aust3028263630150
6Finley Smith2125342938147
7Jack Gotts2730233232144
8Kevin Brown363225385136
9James Chandler3429182818127
10Tom Marsh2823241528118
11Luke Price2422222721116
12Stefan Robson29929925101
13Sam Hamer82417252498
14Graham Clark232116211596
15Jake Bashford13427242694
16Chris Peaty191915162089
17Fraser Smith42028201789
18Steve Riley526-262986
19Neil Griffthis222732--81
20Reece Wilkinson18151941975
21Taylor Misslebrook15182012772
22Josh Oates25111281369
23Meline Griffiths1729172368
24Luke Story14161118968
25Matt Readman7178132267
26Gavin Shaw-1221221267
27Tom Matthews91413141161
28Ross Hepburn1072231658
29Lewis Rayne6133191051
30Ben Prosser12-6101442
31Sam Alderton11877437
32Seb Bashford16-1011-37
33Aiden Murphy201042-36
34Dan Timbell1514--20
35Tom Berry33-6315
36Louis Smith-15-814
37Scott Meyhew26-3-11
38Matthew Bennett--1168
39Jason Brice----22
40Alister Smith----11

Vets and Ladies Overall FatCat - 2019 Acerbis Nationals MX Series

1Brian Wheeler3836403438186
2Jane Daniels4038383634186
3Charlotte Hall3640363832182
4Adam Wilkinson2930344040173
5Danny Tollett3232303236162
6Danny Blakeley3428323028152
7Chloe Richards**3027282929143
8Cath King2829272830142
9Nadiya Jones2622292726130
10Molyy Wherenham**2723222525122
11Adrian Bradley**1920252627117
12Barry Gray2126262215110
13Glen Bixby2421232021109
14Joe Baston2224172322108
15Kady Moore231919171896
16Rebbeca Newman171814212494
17Jez Bailey**201621181792
18Hannah Jones**18252419-86
19Neil Greenland141716141980
20Andrea Talyforth131512152378
21Lydia Woodland12139122066
22Stacey Henderson16141813-61
23Simon Bonsar2534---59
24Dave Dunn**11122016-59
25Paul Coward998101652
26Scott Senter771091447
27Rosie Rowett1510117-43
28Alan Thain1061311-40
29James Kay--1524-39
30Jamie Menzies88-81337
31Ewan Johnston45551231
32Martin Cuddy6476-23
33Paul Smith**5116--22
34Lily Moreland-3---3

Vets Overall FatCat - 2019 Acerbis Nationals MX Series

1Chris Brown3836403438186
2Morton Hannah4038383634186
3Nev King3640363832182
4Andy Watkins2930344040173
5Rob Lewis3232303236162
6Criag Potter3428323028152
7Adrian Lewis3027282929143
8Bob Prosser2829272830142
9Steve Humphries2622292726130
10Bruce Garside2723222525122
11Paul Young1920252627117
12Rob Glynn2126262215110
13Alan Morton2421232021109
14Stepehn Howes2224172322108
15Paul Wright231919171896
16Andrew Prosser171814212494
17Dave Clayborn201621181792
18Simon Bracey18252419-86
19Ian Sayer141716141980
20Adrian Jessop131512152378
21Paul Woodland12139122066
22John Card16141813-61
23John Moreland2534---59
24Jason Allen11122016-59
25Paul Minihane998101652
26Kevin Mccarthy771091447
27Anthony Warwood1510117-43
28Paul Bunn1061311-40
29Martin Leer--1524-39
30Michael Mozley88-81337
31Graham Watson45551231
32Paul Rogers6476-23
33Collin Berry5116--22
34Scott Hughes-3---3

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