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Arenacross Sheffield Qualifying results

Thomas Ramette AX Belfast 2018

Nuno LaranjeiraThomas Ramette AX Belfast 2018

SR75 World Team Suzuki’s Thomas Ramette topped the Pro class Qualifying in Sheffield at round six of the Power Maxed Arenacross Tour.

Both Team FRO Systems’ riders had good qualifying sessions with Cedric Soubeyras taking second and team-mate Ashley Greedy was the best place Brit, comfortably inside the top 10 with sixth place.

Buildbase Honda’s Fabien Izoird and Charles Le Francois were third and fourth respectively while Aussie star Dan Reardon secured fifth.

The two new Pro riders for Sheffield, Neville Bradshaw and Jens Getteman, finished the sessions with 16th and 17th respectively.

Evgeny Bobryshev and Elliott Banks-Browne made things difficult for themselves for this evening with 15th and 19th in that order.

SR75 World Team Suzuki had a rough start to their day at the FlyDSA Arena after one of their bikes got stolen – they are appealing for help in their efforts to have it recovered.

In the Pro Lites Joe Clayton finished top as did Carl Osterman in the Supermini class, while Shaun Mahoney was the best placed young rider in the 65cc class, keeping the pressure on standings leader Harvey Antrobus who finished second.

AX Sheffield Pro Qualifying

PosNo.NameBest Time 1Best Time 2
11Thomas Ramette25.87225.928
23Cedric Soubeyras26.61925.803
3871Fabien Izoird26.53626.373
4225Charles Le Francois26.60426.451
5122Dan Reardon27.03426.038
633Ashley Greedy26.96526.208
77Cyrille Coulon26.95826.461
8259Julien Lebeau26.78326.652
914Nique Thury26.54826.97
105Adrien Escoffier26.72626.863
116Jack Brunell26.8326.931
124Adam Chatfield26.6427.273
13173Luke Norris26.88727.044
14200James Dunn27.05427.024
15777Evgeny Bobryshev27.46426.891
16272Neville Bradshaw27.49226.971
17251Jens Getteman27.37927.107
1810Matt Bayliss27.32427.513
1944Elliott Banks-Browne27.19727.69
2055Mike Kras27.48927.539
218Hugo Basaula27.97827.144
22303Jake Millward28.22828.011

AX Sheffield Pro Lites Qualifying

PosNo.NameBest Time 1Best Time 2
114Joe Clayton27.55428.017
23Chris Bayliss28.2128.019
310Jason Meara28.27228.225
478Harry Kimber29.09929.001
511Ben Clayton29.10529.853
6381Scooter Webster29.97129.263
7161George Clarke30.03829.539
833Josh Greedy30.39430.45
922Ben Burridge31.00831.056
105Billy King32.68229.928

AX Sheffield Supermini Qualifying

PosNo.NameBest Time
110Carl Osterman31.486
2111Buster Hart36.411
3108Robert Storer37.54
4221sTye Jones37.786
572Raife Broadley38.084
6199Charlie Keight38.192
7172Kai Tucker38.445
8121Josh Jones38.928
9177Tommy Gilbert39.382
104Matt Tolley39.668
11994Corey Aldridge39.805
1240sEzra Blackwell40.986
1338sJules Brigham45.624

AX Sheffield 65cc Qualifying

PosNo.NameBest Time
111Shaun Mahoney41.331
27Jake Davies41.527
3114Harvey Antrobus41.547
480Zane Stephens41.827
553Ben Casey42.385
677Kyron Carron42.819
7241Austin Beasty42.962
810Kurt Evans43.168
9777Neo McCartney43.328
10148Declan Wright45.447
11123Charlie Hucklebridge45.557
1294Alfie Osborn46.124
1322Tyler Mabika48.16
1497Ethan Childe49.66