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Author: Toofast Media

2001 KX125 vs 1995 KX500 – does size matter in this two-stroke battle?

It's a question that has been asked for centuries... Does size matter? Toofast Media teamed up with Nev Bradshaw and his two GREEN MEANIES to find out...

REVO Husqvarna team-mates - the battle of Foxhill

Revo Husqvarna team-mates Dylan Walsh and Alvin Ostlund go to war at the iconic Foxhill motocross track as they battle each other (and Buildbase Honda...

Joel Rizzi in epic three-way battle with 4-strokes at Hawkstone Park

15-year-old two-stroke ripper in an epic three-way battle with four-strokes at the gnarly Hawkstone Park circuit

15-year-old 2-stroke prodigy hunts down 4-strokes at legendary track

Go on board his KTM 150cc two-stroke as the prodigy takes on the UK's fastest 250 four-stroke youth riders at the gnarly Hawkstone Park circuit

GoPro: Amazing 16-year-old takes on four-strokes on 125 screamer

Possibly one of the most full-on GoPro vids you'll see for a long time... 16-year-old Preston Williams is having a great year on two wheels.

18-year-old KX 125 in epic battle vs modern four-strokes race

Nev Bradshaw returns! Our favourite two-stroke hero is back and this time he's on board an 18-year-old 2001 Kawasaki KX125 as he lines up against a fi...

EMX125 rippers in France ft. Guyon, Rizzi & Jay Wade

Enjoy the sweet raw sound of the two-strokes at the MXGP of France.

15-year-old two-stroke prodigy smokes field of four-strokes

For 2019 EMX125 star Joel Rizzi lines up at the Blaxhall MXY2 gate on board his KTM 150cc two-stroke to take on the UK's fastest 250 four-stroke youth...

Jeff Emig shreds Husqvarna 150 two-stroke at Fox Raceway

Three-time motocross and one-time supercross champion Jeff Emig suits up and hops on board his special Husqvarna TC 150 two-stroke for a rip around th...

Why choosing the right suspension is so important ft. Simpson & Mewse

Toofast Media hook up with WP UK and their supported teams at the MXGP of Great Britain to gain an insight into just how important choosing that corre...

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