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Author: Toofast Media

Top 10 Most Viewed Toofast Dirt Bike GoPro Videos of All Time

There are some amazing moments in here and with over 13 million original views we think you'll enjoy them...

Gnarliest Dirt Bike Crashes – 2020 Edition

A compilation of crashes Toofast Media has caught on their cameras over the years.

Two-Strokes Only – International RAW

Toofast Media has been spreading the two-stroke gospel for years now... and this winter they finally took the word international.

300 – Two Stroke Motocross: Prepare For Glory

At the age of seven, as customary in Motocross, the boy was taken from his mother and plunged into a world of racing. This is not Sparta, this is Moto...

Sending Europe's Gnarliest MX Double on a CR500 & KTM 250 Two-Stroke

Sending Europe's Gnarliest Moto Double on CR500 & KTM 250 2-Stroke...

MX2 Champion Shreds 2020 Husqvarna 125 Two-Stroke

GP star and reigning British MX2 Champion Dylan Walsh takes Toofast's GoPro for a spin aboard a 2020 Husqvarna 125.

21-year-old Honda CR500 does Supercross

Neville Bradshaw and his beastly CR500 and sending it around a Supercross track!

Which is Faster? 1995 KX500 vs 2001 KX125

What's your money on? The light and agile KX 125 or the powerful KX500?

🎥 Pro Dirt Bike Rider Reacts to His Huge Viral Hit

The original video is called "28-Year-Old Honda CR 500 Races Iconic Track vs Modern MX Bikes" and you can watch it below...

500 Reasons to Buy a Two-Stroke – 1998 CR500 Flat Out!

Here are the only 500 reasons you need to go out and buy a two-stroke...

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